Arnica: Enhancing Athletic Performance & Longevity

As much as you as an athlete try to live a healthier life, you can experience setbacks along the way.  Sore muscles after a long day's training or bruising and swelling after a direct hit or fall can set you back.  The aches and pains that come from training and exertion can also put a damper on daily life.  Waking up to shin splints, aching quads or lower back pain might make you think twice about taking your dog for a walk, let alone your next workout.


Enter Arnica montana.  From the time of the first Olympics in ancient Greece, athletes have used the healing properties of Arnica to treat and maximize their results.  Arnica is an herbal remedy renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties.  But how does this potent ingredient help you enhance athletic performance and longevity?


How Arnica Works to Relieve Inflammation

Arnica is a genus of perennial herbs belonging to the sunflower family Asteraceae and contains anti-inflammatory properties and helenalin. Helenalin, a naturally-occurring chemical compound, works by inhibiting the production of Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta (NF-kB), a protein complex important in regulating immune response.  Inflammation occurs when the body produces an excess of proteins like NF-kB, causing painful swelling, tissue damage, and other potentially harmful symptoms.  By stopping the excess production of NF-kB, helenalin relieves swelling and helps to heal tissue damage.


Arnica for Improved Blood Flow

Arnica contains high concentrations of thymol, the compound that provides the flavor of the herb thyme.  Thymol is also an effective vasodilator, meaning that it helps widen blood vessels, increasing blood flow while delivering more oxygen, key minerals, and nutrients to damaged tissue for faster healing.  Efficient circulation also makes it easier for organs in your body to function properly, wile strain from impaired functioning creates more inflammation.  This makes good circulation crucial for avoiding joint inflammation caused by the wear and tear of regular exercise.


Arnica for Muscle Soreness

The anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica seem to have beneficial effect on muscle pain and damage following intense exercise with one study confirming that topical use of Arnica post-exertion significantly reduced muscle soreness.  This is particularly relevant for people who exercise regularly, as muscle soreness can be a serious impediment to both maintaining your workout routine and avoiding injury.


Arnica for Bruises

With its ability improve blood cell movement  and deliver key nutrients and minerals to targeted areas, Arnica helps to amplify tissue repair in and around contusions.


The potent effects of Arnica work in Lineage Daily Balance Cream whether you're looking to enhance performance or recover faster.  By increasing circulation, Arnica helps deliver other all-natural ingredients deep into your muscles and joints.  The anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate soreness and improve your range of motion both before and after exertion.


When to use Arnica:

    • After a run or workout. It will minimize any bruising, muscle strain, or trauma.
    • Before a big workout or a long run to minimize muscle aches and bruising.
    • When injured as part of your First Aid.
    • After a trauma.

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