So Who is the CBD Buying Audience?

We at LINEAGE have a poet’s soul, but a scientist’s mind. While we want to FEEL more alive at every turn, we always want to use the best nature and science advantages we can find (and share, obviously). The modern CBD products revolution has gone mainstream, we are always wanting to know more about WHY. Why, why, why?

As diverse as the CBD buying crowd has become, the reasons have become just as varied. Clearly “CBD" and it’s variant cousins have mountains of research to support it’s properties. What’s interesting is the simple question of WHY are you fore-thinkers gravitating toward these products (like our Daily Balance Tincture and Topical? Yes, that’s a shameless plug.)

Check out this infographic from (we are fans!)

A highlight about the UNWINDING crowd that caught our eye:

"Just as the largest cohort (i.e., pain consumers) skews older, the unwinding consumer skews younger, with a majority (51%) of the group being under age 35. Unwinding consumers use CBD the least frequently of the four groups, with less than a third (31%) doing so at least weekly."

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Social Motion Boosts Performance and Connection

Via By Jacob Taylor, PhD Student at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford; Emma Cohen, associate professor at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford; and Arran Davis, PhD Student at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford

So, we’ve often heard it’s easier to exercise with a group or partner rather than alone. Well, there is plenty of real data that suggests this isn’t just a preference, but actually BOOSTS performance. It’s interesting how our internal voice and preferences often have a sourced scientific reason for “WHY.”

On the top of exercising in groups, this article states:

"After warming up either synchronously or non-synchronously in pairs, we had athletes perform a strenuous sprint test on their own. On average, athletes who warmed up in sync with others were nearly seven seconds faster – a competitively meaningful increase in performance for a test that usually takes about four minutes. This result provides a basis for the wisdom that a highly bonded team is a better performing team."

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Go get that fresh air and exercise with a group today!

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Researchers Say Staying Active is Linked to Lower Healthcare Costs Later in Life

Vi:, By Diarmuid Coughlan, PhD, Research Associate in Health Economics, Newcastle University

LINEAGE is obsessed with all factors that lead to a better life. It’s not a selfish pursuit; it should be a communal focus. But WHY are we obsessed with it? If it wasn’t painfully obvious, the better you take of your well-being the better your life will be. Exercising and staying active are good for you (duh) … but what happens when you can turn a feeling into actual money?

This article shared via BlueZones is a great example of how a healthy lifestyle and positive choices impacts so many aspects of your life.

So how much could you save?

"We found that adults who maintained or increased their physical activity from adolescence throughout adulthood had lower average annual healthcare costs than adults who were consistently inactive over time – between US$824 (£567) and US$1,874 (£1,356) per year. This is around 10% to 22% lower than those who were less active or inactive."

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A great part of your healthy lifestyle is making our DAILY BALANCE TINCTURE and TOPICAL part of your daily routine.

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The Six Pillars of Rest Day: How to Recover From Your Workout

This post was originally published on: alomoves

We’ll say it right here: Rest days are just as important as training days. Without enough time for recovery, your body won’t be able to fully benefit from your training sessions and give you the fuel you need to keep going. And with so many post-workout recovery options out there — such as bone-chilling ice baths, massage equipment, foam rollers, CBD elixirs, etc. — it may be tough to figure out which ones you should add to your own routine. We decided to consult the expert.

“A vital part of training is recovery,” said Alo Moves fitness instructor Callie Gullickson. “Without recovery, the results we are looking for throughout our training will be nonexistent.”

Gullickson defines recovery as “the techniques and actions taken to maximize our body’s repair.” When you think of recovery, you might think about it in terms of the physical aspects. But that’s only part of the equation.

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