Healthy living is our number one mission

It's all about living the best life you can

Our goal at Lineage Lifestyle is to help you fall in love with the mission of healthy living. We help our clients move from simply sustaining health and wellness to improving it.  Our products are custom formulated to kickstart regeneration and our mission moves extends beyond the health and well-being of one individual. Instead, it lies within the connections that exist between us all and the environment in which we live.

Group Yoga Outdoors

Investing in yourself today pays long term dividends

Balance is best

We believe in the renewal, healing, continual improvement, and balance that comes from connecting with ourselves and nature.  Engaging in life individually, as well as, together, we can change our world for the better.  We believe this is the definition of healthy living.

Every part of the body contains a unique type of intelligence. A particular form and function that maintains its innate biological equilibrium as well as that of the whole system.  When the equilibrium is disturbed, we get sick or have pain.  To inform us that something is wrong, the body speaks to us through the language of the symptoms, which are its intelligent dialect informing us how to come back to "homeodynamis."  The symptom, is ultimately the vital force trying to get our attention and teach us how to live in balance with our inner constitution and outer environment.

Can a cream help you live better?

Lineage's Daily Balance is used to assist in creating this balance, which in turn helps us with healthy living.  We recognize that balance is a dynamic state, ever changing with the flux and flow of the natural world. Homeodynamis is the process we all use to maintain our self-organization and internal coherence.  Can a cream help you live better?  Sure.  So does sleep.  Drinking water instead of soft drinks.  Avoiding sugar.  Proper running shoes.  Smiling more.  Taking a moment to breathe deeply to quiet your mind.  All of these things work to deliver a healthier life.

Daily Balance is just one tool you have open to you.  Our Performance and Recovery cream will help you perform better and recover faster.  That is a fact.  Almost 98% of our performance athlete customers say it has exceeded their expectations.

Mother Nature knows more about health than we do

Mother Nature provided us with an awesome array of powerhouse natural ingredients.  Our job was to thoughtfully assemble them into a product which amplifies specific physiological activities that improve health, wellness, and mobility.  No one ingredient is a cure-all.  This includes CBD.  CBD is a powerful ingredient when it works as part of a team but often CBD is marketed as a stand-alone cure-all, which it is not.

We are athletes ourselves; former NCAA divers, basketball players, sport fishermen, skiers, snowboarders, yogis, and endurance cyclists.  We looked at our own physical injuries, challenges, and performance goals and asked ourselves what could help make us enjoy what we do more, perform better and recover faster.  We started at the end and worked backwards.

Inflammation is the quiet, subtle enemy to good health

Inflammation (not swelling) is our performance and recovery enemy.  Inflammation is caused by a myriad of things from dehydration to vitamin and mineral deficiencies to response to exertion among others.  Inflammation, like swelling acts as a tissue tourniquet, which reduces blood flow.  Strenuous activity increases body temperature and the body sweats to cool itself.  The challenge here is sweating causes two things, dehydration and mineral loss and losing salt isn’t the issue.  Losing magnesium is.

Daily Balance was designed to reduce inflammation, which increases blood flow, opens capillaries which increases tissue oxygenation.  Daily Balance’s natural ingredients such as magnesium, Arnica montana, and CBD rely on frankincense to act as a natural Fed Ex delivery mechanism to get these ingredients effectively to targeted areas and do what they do best.  Repair, recover, and improve.  This is part of the healthy living journey.

KT tape treating knee injury

Inflammation can cause a variety of short and longer term health and performance problems

Recovery before performance, not visa versa

We know that recovery doesn’t come after performance.  It comes before.  Whether you are a weekend warrior, an amateur athlete, a professional athlete or someone who simply wishes to be more active, when you recover optimally, you reduce or eliminate pain and you perform better and lessen the risk of future injury.  That is a proven fact. Daily Balance helps you stay in the virtuous cycle of health and improvement.

Daily Balance mixes all natural and organic plant ingredients in an easy to use topical format to help with aches and pains, stretching and mobility, inflammation, lactic acid build-up, muscle cramps, as so much more.  Daily Balance is helping teenagers with twisted ankles, elite athletes and daily fitness buffs with tendonitis, elderly struggling with arthritis, and travelers and desk workers suffering from stiff and sore muscles caused from inactivity.  Interestingly, inactivity can often have similar effects as over activity by the creation of inflammation.

Because of its unique formulation Daily Balance even helps with sleep performance, sinusitis, skin irritation, and even bee stings!

Listen closest to customers

It's essential to keep not only in the medicine cabinet, but also in a purse, gym bag, and on the bedside table.  In a recent poll of Daily Balance customers, nearly 99% indicated that Daily Balance exceeded their effectiveness expectations.  To better illustrate this, here is a recent quote by a customer:

“I do trigger therapy on athletes ranging from NFL players to Ironman triathletes to high school cross country runners.  I regularly see every type of soft tissue injury and issue you could possibly imagine.  Daily Balance is by far the most effective product I have ever used in helping clients recover effectively.  I use it myself as well.  The results it delivers are without question.” -Lars H., Certified Trigger Therapist 

We know from experience that life can be messy and complex.  And we know that while we all  have lots to learn, that the mess and the struggle is worth it. We are grateful for those that bring Lineage into their journey and will always strive to create a community and products that help you perform better, recover faster, and to be more you.

A blend of powerhouse organic and all-natural ingredients

Lineage Daily Balance Featured Ingredients designed to improve healthy living:

Give Daily Balance a try today. Use the special, limited time discount code 'ilovefall' for 20% off your order.


Hype or Fact? Does Daily Balance Really Work on Muscle Injuries?

Trust but Verify

Recently, I caught myself sharing the virtues of Lineage's Daily Balance to a friend of mine.  I was telling him that I used it regularly each week around my training schedule and how the product had helped me get through a pretty grueling gravel bike race season this summer.  At least it was grueling to me.

Surviving the season

Surviving the 2021 race season intact.

I was able to escape the season intact without any major muscle injuries and performing better than I had in a while.

He listened patiently and then replied, "sounds great, but how do you know it works?  You clearly believe it does but how do you know for sure?"


Good question.  I had no good answer for him.

How the rest of the conversation went down

Me: "If I believe it, does it really matter?"

Him: "Yeah, it does.  C'mon man, how many nutrition or performance products have we both bought that were hyped but didn't live up to expectations?"

Me: "More than I care to count.  Ok, yeah.  Protein powders, gels, recovery powders, the list goes on.  I get your point."

Him: "So I will believe you when you can prove it.  Prove it and I'm in.  You'll make me a believer."

I walked away from the conversation thinking about how to prove it.  A number of options rolled around in my head but none of them seemed to fit very well.  So I put it away for a while.  I was stumped.  How could I really prove it helped with recovery, performance and muscle injuries?

Challenge Accepted

Four days later, I was on my trainer completing the final set of a structured workout put together by my coach.  I was using an app called Zwift and was half way up Mont Ventoux, a famous Tour De France climb.  The workout called for a series of standing 1.5 minute exertions at a power output of 365 watts.

Strava Workout

Climbing up Mont Ventoux right before an unexpected muscle injury

On the final set of the series, I felt a sharp pain in my left hamstring.

Oh no.  Not again.  The dreaded muscle injury of cyclists and runners.  The hammie.

Over a decade ago I had been hit by a truck and severely injured.   My left hamstring had been completely de-attached and as it eventually healed, it became prone to re-occurring injury.  Like now.

Getting off my bike, I hobbled upstairs and immediately lathered the back of my left leg in Daily Balance and wrapped it tightly with an ace bandage.  I did this three times a day for five days only taking the compression off to shower.  The day after the incident was a rest day.  No activity.  The day after, I was back riding.

Detective Work Pays Off

During this time, I recalled the last time I had this injury.  It was May of 2019.  I remembered that I had the power files for that time period.  Cyclists have power meters built into their cranks or pedals which measure the total power output and the output of each leg.  This along with other information is collected and stored in one of the many performance apps cyclists use such as Today's Plan, Training Peaks, Strava, etc.

The only difference between my 2019 injury and the most recent was the application of Daily Balance and ice.  In 2019, I used compression and also ice to treat this muscle injury.  In the most recent approach to treating my hamstring, I didn't use ice but did again use compression.

I decided to use a performance bench mark from this past August taken in between two very hairy endurance gravel races in Vermont and North Carolina.

Here are the results.

May 2019 Hamstring Injury Sept/Oct 2021 Hamstring Injury August 2021 Race Season Baseline
May-19 Oct-21 8-Aug
Average Power Output/Workout  (Watts) 219 285 310
Left/Right Leg Power Output (%) 29/71 48/52 49/51
Watts/Kilogram 2.1 2.7 3.1
Flexibility Range (1-10) 3 8 9
2019 % of Baseline 2021 % of Baseline 2021 Performance Improvement over 2019
Average Power Output/Workout  (Watts) 71% 92% 30%
Left/Right Leg Power Output (%) 43% 98% 123%
Watts/Kilogram 68% 87% 28%
Flexibility Range (1-10) 33% 89% 170%
2019 Day 5 2021 Day 5 2021 Performance Improvement over 2019
Maximum Power Output/Workout  (Watts) 282 623 121%
Left/Right Leg Power Output (%) 42/58 49/51 17%
Watts/Kilogram 2.6 3.4 31%
Flexibility Range (1-10) 4 8 100%

First Better Recovery Then Better Performance

I emailed the spreadsheet with numbers to my friend.  Five minutes later my phone range.  It was my friend.  "Are you sure about these numbers?", he asked.

"Do you want me to email you the power files so you can see yourself?"  He replied no.  A few seconds of silence went by and then he exclaimed excitedly, "this stuff really works.  How come EVERYONE doesn't know about it?"

"Oh, they will.  Once people try Daily Balance, it's hard to ignore what it does",  I said.  I bounced back from my muscle injury without really missing a beat.

My friend laughed and said, 'yeah, well until then it is going to be MY secret weapon!"

Performance numbers don't lie.  They are black and white.  If you are an athlete, no matter what level, no matter what sport, no matter what age, remember that the QUALITY OF YOUR RECOVERY DICTATES THE QUALITY OF YOUR PERFORMANCE AND HOW YOU BOUNCE BACK FROM MUSCLE INJURIES.

Daily Balance works.  That is a fact.  Invest in a 2.0 ounce bottle to try.  You have very little to lose.  I'll even sweeten the deal. Use the Discount Code 'BetterHealth' for 20% off.  By the time you finish that 2 ounce bottle, you'll be hooked and recovering and performing better.  Guaranteed.

Feel free to follow me on Strava to keep tabs on what Daily Balance is doing for my performance.

Strava Handle: Steve Hershberger

1 dangerous thing you probably didn't know about allergies

Fall is a time for outdoor activity.  Including seasonal allergies.

Fall is a beautiful time to be outside.  The crisp weather.  The brightly colored leaves.  The seasonal allergies.  Many of us suffer from some form of seasonal allergy.  For many of us, it is a stuffy nose, itchy or watery eyes.  Nothing more than an irritant we gladly trade off for such wondrous outdoor beauty.  But allergies can have more of an impact on your body than you might realize.

But, according to the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania (OIP), some people who suffer from seasonal allergies may also experience severe joint, muscle, back and neck ache.

Turns out, when you experience allergies, your body has higher inflammation levels than usual as your immune system reacts to pollen and your body attempts to “flush” out the allergens, according to the OIP. This can cause aches, pains and inflammation across a variety of areas in your body, including neck, shoulders, lumbar, even knees, ankles, feet and hands!

Enjoy Your Fall but Combat Your Allergies

As fall weather turns to winter, often the air becomes drier.  Humidity falls and when that happens and we are exerting ourselves, we increase our risk of dehydration.  As we dehydrate, our muscles and surrounding tissues can swell.  Muscles and tendons when dehydrated and cold are also prone to increased risk of damage.

Fighting Injury and Allergies all at Once

Topicals such as Daily Balance prior to an outdoor workout or activity can increase blood flow and oxygenation to tissues and help to ward off inflammation.  Application after a cool weather activity can help to extend improved blood flow and delivery of key nutrients and minerals to keep inflammation tamped down and speed recovery.

Daily Balance sampler

Try a 2 or 3.8 ounce (TSA compliant) bottle and see what Daily Balance can do for you this fall

Keep in mind, inflammation is not the same thing as swelling always.  Inflammation can cause aches, pains and minor mobility issues whereas swelling is helping to protect seriously damaged parts of your body.  Using a topical to treat regular inflammation can help you feel better and perform better.

Get started with a 2 ounce trial bottle of Daily Balance to see what it can do for you.  Click here to get started and be sure to use promo code 'BetterHealth' for 20% off!

4 Ways Every Athlete Can Benefit from A Good CBD Cream

If you are an athlete, you’d probably know that pain is part of every workout and competition. One thing all athletes share, whether professionals or amateurs, is the desire to perform well as well as recover and get back on track as soon as possible.  To achieve this goal consistently, some athletes have found that certain nutrition and topical products aid in them achieving these goals.

boost your performance

Top performing athletes rely on both natural nutrition and creams to boost performance

Musculoskeletal conditions and muscle soreness are some of the typical pain that athletes go through after our rigid physical activities. Muscle soreness usually occurs if you do an exercise harder than normal or something you may not be accustomed to.

While there are many things athletes can do to relieve pain and get back to their regimen in a short period, one of the most common treatments is applying topical pain relievers to the affected area.

Painkillers such as opioids and NSAIDs were staples before CBD-infused sports creams showed up in the market as an alternative pain reliever.

Wondering if you should start using these hemp-based products to alleviate pain? Here is some information you may want to know about CBD and CBD products and how they can help you say goodbye to spasms, soreness, and pain.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the more than 100 active ingredients directly derived from the hemp plant. Although CBD is one of the cannabis components, it does not have a psychoactive effect, unlike another derivative, THC, which causes the feeling of “high”.

Benefits of CBD Sports Creams

CBD-infused creams, like our Lineage Daily Balance Cream, are growing in popularity, considering the pain-relieving action these topical products serve. Some of the benefits CBD products can provide to athletes include:

Sports creams that include CBD such Lineage Daily Balance are an excellent alternative to relieve pain of various types and support athletes in reducing their reliance on medications such as NSAIDs and opioids.

However, while CBD is an excellent catalyst for helping with helping stressed tissues recover after exertion, when CBD is incorporated with other ingredients, such as Magnesium, Arnica montana,

Menthol or even ingredients such as Frankincense, it is possible to up the quality and impact of recovery time significantly.

If you use sports nutrition gels or drink powders before, during or after a workout or a race, you have already made the decision to supplement how your body responds to activity in order to improve it.  So taking the next step to add a topical which will increase your ability to perform, the results you achieve and the speed and quality of your recovery is a natural.


As athletes ourselves, we are confident that Daily Balance will help you improve. Need another reason?  How about 20% off?

Train hard.  Recover Fast. with discount code: BetterHealth




Injuries are not always what you think

There are few things that are more rewarding than watching your children excel in something they love.  However, on occasion things can take an unexpected turn.  Sometimes unexpected injuries can occur which can have a wide range of consequences.  Injury prevention and recovery can also take many unexpected forms.

Recently my daughter, who is a freshman in high school experienced what she thought was a season ending injury.  She is a Varsity Cross Country runner and was, half way into the running season performing well.  Her training mileage and times were solid and she was performing well in her meets.

She came home after practice recently and said she'd been to the trainer.  She was experiencing some severe pain in the arch of her foot.  Running became almost intolerable.  Walking wasn't much better.  We were no longer thinking about injury prevention for the season, we were thinking if salvaging the season due to this injury was even possible.

The coach and trainer were concerned she was dealing with either plantar fasciitis or a stress fracture.  Both would put her out for the rest of the season.  Regardless, we approached the symptoms with what athletes do when an injury strikes.  RICE.

RICE is the go-to solution after an injury for many athletes.  But is RICE the best alternative to dealing with a soft tissue injury?  Maybe not.  Plus RICE does nothing for injury prevention in the future.

My daughter ran this past weekend in a large invitational meet.  As she passed me with 1.5km to go, she was in tremendous pain.  I could see it on her face and in her gait.  She crossed the finish line well outside of her goal time.

As we drove home from the meet, all I could think about was that this injury may not be what everyone thinks it is.  As an endurance athlete myself, I have had to deal with pain in one place tied to an underlying injury somewhere else.  My gut and experience told me this was the case here.

Pain is common for athletes of all shapes and sizes, ages and genders.  Recovery as you age gets harder and takes longer.  But what about an otherwise healthy 15 year old distance runner?  How can you go from a season ending injury to being ready to compete in Sectionals in two weeks?

By looking at the problem differently.  While RICE is a great way to reduce the impact of an injury, it doesn't do all that much in the way of assisting with regeneration.  RICE is a defensive treatment.  We needed an offensive treatment.  Enter Daily Balance.

We were aggressive in our application of the Lineage performance & recovery cream applying it to targeted areas, namely the arch of her foot, her heel and calf, hip flexors and lower back.

Huh?  Hip flexors?  Lower back?  Yes.  You read that right.  It is ALL connected.  The goal was to decrease internal tissue inflammation.  Flood the impacted muscles and tendons with the important nutrients critical to healing and further injury prevention.

Interestingly Daily Balance has as an ingredient Frankincense.  Frankincense is a very powerful natural delivery mechanism.  It's like Fed-Ex for other Daily Balance's many other ingredients including Basil, Arnica montana, Magnesium and CBD among many others.  Targeting Daily Balance in these areas gave her tissues the tools needed to regenerate.

This was only part of the solution.  The other part was to find the source of my daughter's debilitating foot pain and to do that, we had to look elsewhere.

So I booked a session with a holistic body practitioner.  The closest description he offers up is modified trigger therapy.  Recently I turned him onto Daily Balance.  He now uses it to treat the trigger therapists who come to him along with his professional and endurance athlete clients.

Working backward from the feet, he found that the pain was the result of a degenerative set of underlying injuries caused by a lack of proper stretching and lots and lots of distance running compounded by poor posture and a heavy school book bag slung over her right shoulder.

Finding the source of injury pain

Injuries and pain are not always in the same place

My daughter's foot pain was the result of 2 pinched sciatic nerves, hip ball-joint mis-alignment, her right shoulder scapula pushed out of alignment, tight right rotator cuff and three slightly dislocated ribs on her right side.  This had tightened her left Achilles and heel tendons which in turn had tightened the muscles around her left ankle, causing significantly reduced mobility.  And, all of this manifested in agonizing foot pain in her arch.  But nothing was wrong with her foot.

We are now four days out from her last run and two days out from her trigger therapy session.  We have been applying Daily Balance 3 times a day to her Achilles, ankle, lumbar, hip flexors, thoracic spine region and shoulder.  Her foot pain has gone from a 10 to a 2.

Rather than get her back into her running shoes immediately, we decided to amp up her swimming routine for the purposes of keeping cardio strong but also to help strengthen and elongate her muscles in ways that differed from running as her body regenerated over the next week.  This would put her back into a place where she could compete to win but also not suffer another injury.

In working to help my daughter recover quickly, we kept these few things in mind that I'd like to share that assisted with regenerative recovery and will assist her going forward with injury prevention.

  1. Reduce tissue inflammation.  Not just after an incident but after a workout.  Inflammation can be like a tourniquet restricting blood flow and tissue inflammation occurs all the time.
  2. Get as much blood flowing to the area of injury or stressed area (i.e. quads) as quickly and consistently as possible.  Blood carries oxygen and key minerals and nutrients.
  3. Know the pain might not be where the injury is.  Find the source of the pain.  Sometimes this means looking elsewhere.
  4. Remember that everything is connected.  Not just the parts of your body but also your mind and your emotions.  Emotions such as fear, frustration, anger, stress, anxiety all produce cortisol, among other chemicals which can have a number of negative physical impacts.  Fretting about your injury or worrying about it can actually make things worse.
  5. Try cross-training or incorporate multiple different forms of activity into your daily or workout routine, stretch and hydrate!



Arnica: Enhancing Athletic Performance & Longevity

As much as you as an athlete try to live a healthier life, you can experience setbacks along the way.  Sore muscles after a long day's training or bruising and swelling after a direct hit or fall can set you back.  The aches and pains that come from training and exertion can also put a damper on daily life.  Waking up to shin splints, aching quads or lower back pain might make you think twice about taking your dog for a walk, let alone your next workout.


Enter Arnica montana.  From the time of the first Olympics in ancient Greece, athletes have used the healing properties of Arnica to treat and maximize their results.  Arnica is an herbal remedy renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties.  But how does this potent ingredient help you enhance athletic performance and longevity?


How Arnica Works to Relieve Inflammation

Arnica is a genus of perennial herbs belonging to the sunflower family Asteraceae and contains anti-inflammatory properties and helenalin. Helenalin, a naturally-occurring chemical compound, works by inhibiting the production of Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta (NF-kB), a protein complex important in regulating immune response.  Inflammation occurs when the body produces an excess of proteins like NF-kB, causing painful swelling, tissue damage, and other potentially harmful symptoms.  By stopping the excess production of NF-kB, helenalin relieves swelling and helps to heal tissue damage.


Arnica for Improved Blood Flow

Arnica contains high concentrations of thymol, the compound that provides the flavor of the herb thyme.  Thymol is also an effective vasodilator, meaning that it helps widen blood vessels, increasing blood flow while delivering more oxygen, key minerals, and nutrients to damaged tissue for faster healing.  Efficient circulation also makes it easier for organs in your body to function properly, wile strain from impaired functioning creates more inflammation.  This makes good circulation crucial for avoiding joint inflammation caused by the wear and tear of regular exercise.


Arnica for Muscle Soreness

The anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica seem to have beneficial effect on muscle pain and damage following intense exercise with one study confirming that topical use of Arnica post-exertion significantly reduced muscle soreness.  This is particularly relevant for people who exercise regularly, as muscle soreness can be a serious impediment to both maintaining your workout routine and avoiding injury.


Arnica for Bruises

With its ability improve blood cell movement  and deliver key nutrients and minerals to targeted areas, Arnica helps to amplify tissue repair in and around contusions.


The potent effects of Arnica work in Lineage Daily Balance Cream whether you're looking to enhance performance or recover faster.  By increasing circulation, Arnica helps deliver other all-natural ingredients deep into your muscles and joints.  The anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate soreness and improve your range of motion both before and after exertion.


When to use Arnica:

Sometimes Just Finishing is Winning: A Video Blog about Perseverance

This is a video blog about well...finishing and accomplishing something the author, a Daily Balance customer thought was impossible.  We all experience obstacles and challenges in life.  Some we choose, like this one.  Others we encounter unexpectedly.

Athletes of all shapes, sizes and experience levels encounter pain and barriers.  Places when and where quitting at that moment seems like the best option.  Whether it is the soreness of the next day, an unexpected minor injury or the pain of the event that demands attention, quitting is something we have all thought about.

Regardless of how you encounter the challenge, it is really about what you do with it.  Do you quit or do you rise to the occasion.  At Lineage Lifestyle we recognize our family of athlete customers see the activities they engage in as part of their lifestyle.  We celebrate this as well as their passion and their perseverance.

We created Daily Balance in response to a need we saw in the marketplace.  Namely, a topical solution to work alongside the nutrition and performance equipment athletes use.

On regular occasions, we will share stories from our athletes like this one.  If you have a story to share, follow us on Instagram, tag us in a post or use the hashtag #dailybalancestory.  We'd love to help you celebrate your passion.

Daily Balance is about performance, recovery and improvement.  Daily Balance is also about grit, perseverance and belief.  To succeed in life's game, you have to have balance.


Click here to view this Athlete's Daily Balance Story

Road to the Waffle: A Story in 3 Parts

Part 1 of 3: An Amateur Rider’s Rocky Journey

The Belgian Waffle Ride is arguably one of the hardest one-day cycling events in North America. It constitutes every type of terrain imaginable for 100 miles, climbing over steep gravel roads and sometimes even creek beds. 

At the end of the day, over 10,000 feet of elevation will be conquered or at least encountered. It’s called a ‘multi-surface race,’ but it’s really a gravel race with some pavement included, which links the unpaved sections together.

This year several other American venues were added to the routes, including a relentless course in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. After 17 inches of rain over a 3 day period, things promised to be…difficult.

You can’t just show up for one of these races. You must prepare mentally, physically, and some would even say, spiritually.

If you think I knew how to prepare for races like this before this past year, you’d be right. And wrong. I thought I knew what I was doing. Turns out, I had only a general idea. 

I was doing what most of us do. Training by feel and soundbite. What I read, what I saw, and what I thought was what I did. For a gravel race, that is how to set yourself up for disappointment for sure.

So how did I prepare? By having short-, medium-, and long-term goals, a plan, and a schedule. Let’s break this down.

Long-term goals and tasks (8 months out):

  1. Decide what major endurance events to participate in about a year in advance. Fill in around the big ones, as desired.
  2. Make sure you have the right equipment to properly train on well in advance.
  3. Plan a doctor’s visit to ensure you are healthy enough to dial it up and check out any nagging pains. (More on this later…)
  4. Establish training and nutrition plans and get started.
  5. Plan on working out 5-6 days a week with a structured training plan. (Mine is included for an example.)

Mid-term goals (4-6 months out):

  1. Work to systematically reduce stress through regular meditation. Yes, we all have stress, but chronic stress is terrible for your body and its ability to perform and recover.
  2. Improve sleep. I ended up using an app called Whoop to help with sleep and some other functions. Whoop tracks performance and progress, so I got a sense where improvement is needed.
  3. Slow or stop alcohol consumption. Booze wrecks your sleep cycle and dumps a lot of unneeded and often hidden sugar into your system. Increase lean protein and eat the rainbow (vegetables of all colors).

4. Work on, “on the bike” nutrition. I experimented to figure out what worked on harder rides and in temperatures like what you would experience. Continue to dial this in through the short term.

5. Dial up not just event training but your cross training. For me, hill running, yoga, stretching, HIIT workouts and core, lots of core, was on the menu for the three days a week I wasn’t primarily in the saddle.

6. Start racing or race simulation training. It doesn’t matter what it is, but it should be in the category for which you are training. I was training for a couple of big gravel races that culminated with the Belgian Waffle Ride, so I focused on 50-mile gravel races and 50–80-mile road events.

Short term goals (2 months out):

  1. Weight down, lean muscle mass up
  2. Resting heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate and sleep cycles in the green zone that I defined (note, my Whoop app helped me do this after several months of trending data). Apps and services like Training Peaks, Today’s Plan, and several others can help set proper parameters and goals…with enough consistent data and trending information.

  1. Focus not just on the workout but on recovery. Regenerative recovery. This occurs when you take the necessary steps to help your body improve during downtime. Some things I did to enhance regenerative recovery:
    1. Muscle and fascia scraping
    2. Purchase 2 foam rollers: a smooth and a knobby one, as well as a Hypervolt or similar tool.

Utilize topical creams with the right ingredients targeted at specific muscle groups. For me, my hip flexors and hamstrings are chronically an issue. I’ve found that Lineage’s Daily Balance Topical Cream performs better than every other product I’ve tried, and I have tried more than a few.

I started using Daily Balance, well…daily prior to and after efforts in this way:

Prior to a workout:

After a workout:

*I strained my MCL on a training run along a stretch of beach out in Rhode Island three weeks before my first of three gravel centuries. Proactively treating the strain with KT tape, ice and repetitive large applications of Daily Balance helped the tissue recover and allowed me to perform well three weeks later. Continuous treatment and mindfulness of the injury ensured it was healed prior to the upcoming heavy climbing of Vermont, and a week later, North Carolina.

In the evening:

I found that this approach to training and recovery delivered solid results and put me in a good place to be ready to move from my mid-term plan to my short-term plan and ultimately into my summer race series.

In my next guest blog post, I will focus on how proper preparation led to exceeding my personal performance goals. If it works for me, it can surely work for you!


Written by Steve Hershberger
gravel rider, data science expert, & vinyl enthusiast

How to Get the Most Out of Your CBD Tincture

No matter how convenient it would be, we all know going to the gym and eating a salad for one day isn’t enough to really get our bodies in shape. It’s time we start to think about using CBD to support our health and wellness the same way! Much like getting in shape, using CBD is a long-play game, and the results of it compound over time. Consistent supplementation of CBD maximizes its natural balancing properties by supporting the health of one very important bodily system, the endocannabinoid system (ECS for short).


The Endocannabinoid System

What is an ECS and why does our body have one?

Think of the ECS as the body's primary regulatory system. Naturally, the body aims to be in a state of homeostasis, or balance between all internal systems. The ECS's job is to make sure the body has the necessary tools to regulate critical processes such as proper sleep/wake cycles, an active, but not overly active, immune response, maintenance of inflammation, and so much more. 


The Science behind CBD

Once you squeeze a dropper of our full spectrum tinctures under your tongue, CBD instantly starts making its way to your body's ECS. More specifically, it starts working its way to receptors known as cannabinoid receptors that are located all throughout the body. These receptors are the most essential part of your ECS.

The reason the body has these cannabinoid receptors in the first place is actually that the body naturally produces cannabinoids of its own. These are called endogenous cannabinoids, and they're very similar to the types of cannabinoids that you get from a CBD product. Cannabinoids that come from a CBD product known as exogenous cannabinoids.

It’s important to remember that our bodies naturally produce these endogenous cannabinoids to interact with the receptors of our ECS as a way to keep our bodies in a state of complete internal balance. Things like stress can easily throw that internal balance off-center, but it also diminishes the number of endogenous cannabinoids, our body is able to produce. This is just one reason why it's so important to make sure we're consistently nurturing our ECS with an external source of cannabinoids, like the exogenous ones that come from a CBD product.


Consistency is KEY

Through consistent use, you can even stimulate an increase in cannabinoid receptors. With more cannabinoid receptors, the ECS becomes more active and more sensitive to stimulation by cannabinoids. If you just started using CBD or have been using it inconsistently, you may not feel the effects you’d expect to, but that’s totally normal! Our recommendation is simple; Just stick with it! Our products are most effective when used daily as directed.


Tips & Tricks for Consistent CBD Use:

Forming habits are easier said than done, especially when it comes to adding a new product to your health routine. If this resonates with you, we recommend trying out habit stacking. This is a simple way of building new habits by taking advantage of your old ones.

Habit stacking in action:

After a month of consistently taking your tincture, we're sure you'll be on the road to feeling the most therapeutic value CBD has to offer.

Just remember, good things take time.


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Magnesium: A Master Mineral for Athletes

When it comes to losing fat, building muscle, and feeling healthy, many things have to be aligned. We hear about the importance of sleep, recovery, a nutrient-dense diet, and your training, but have you ever thought about your sweat?

Not too many do, yet all of us who exercise regularly often sweat (and a lot - especially in the summer!) Sweating is good and normal, but losing key minerals that are vital to your health progress is not!

A majority of Americans are deficient in magnesium. This powerhouse mineral is primarily excreted from our bodies through sweat. So, unfortunately, those of us who train are at a higher risk of losing it rather quickly.

Magnesium plays a critical role in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. Its most important function is energy production. It is also essential to protein synthesis, used in synergy with dozens of other vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes, and in transmitting nerve signals and regulating calcium. 


Magnesium Makes Muscles

Magnesium is intimately involved in efficient muscle function. The mechanisms include oxygen uptake, electrolyte balance, and energy production. Magnesium relaxes muscles and balances calcium, which contracts muscles, working together to make muscles work properly.

Athletes take note: Magnesium is lost in sweat but not replenished by the normal electrolyte replacement drinks. Strenuous exercise can increase urinary and sweat losses that may increase magnesium requirements by 10-20%.  Furthermore, there is evidence that marginal magnesium deficiency impairs exercise performance and amplifies the negative consequences of strenuous exercise (e.g., oxidative stress). Ensuring your magnesium levels stay sufficient will ultimately help eliminate muscle cramps, lactic-acid build up, stalled fat loss, aches and pains, and poor recovery. 


Topical Magnesium

We purposefully formulated our Lineage Daily Balance Cream with magnesium. We wanted you to be able to bathe and feed your body to support its performance and recovery. The magnesium passes directly into the tissue via the skin, where it should quickly be transported to cells throughout the body and replenishing cellular magnesium levels. 

Recent European and American studies have shown that magnesium absorption is 6 times more effective by the dermal route than by the oral route. 

Transdermal magnesium has been scientifically shown to replace the magnesium lost through sweat and the accelerated metabolism of intense activity faster than a digestive form. Further, because topicals do not have to cross the digestive system (where they can be diluted), many of the common drawbacks of oral use are avoided.

Magnesium Deficiency & Sport

After 60 minutes of sports, magnesium:

Magnesium Deficiency= decreased performance

Take in magnesium after a workout!

Photo from Pinterest

We recently used our Lineage Daily Balance after a long gravel bike ride, a hot yoga session, and a tough summer hike. How about you?