Daily Balance Retailer Product Assessment

Consumers have more choices than ever. Building trust and creating a great experience is everything. Offering recommendations, education and insight on what’s hot…and what’s not is what builds trust and keeps customers coming back.

You know your customers better than anyone and just because a product is new doesn’t mean its right for your retail experience and your customers. This short product quiz will help you determine whether Lineage’s Daily Balance Performance & Recovery Cream can add value to your retail experience.

Are you ready? Let’s get started! Try Daily Balance and afterwards, select your answers.

Do I have a 2oz sample to try?(Required)
Does the product smell powerful?(Required)
Did I get a unique feeling upon application?(Required)
Did I feel improvement in the applied area during effort?(Required)
Did I notice any improvement in my performance?(Required)
When applying after a workout, did I feel improvement?(Required)


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A Better You Starts With The Basics: Regeneration. Wellness. Renewal. Strength. Healing. Continual Improvement. Balance.
No matter how you define your goals, our Daily Balance products have been formulated to work synergistically with each other and your body. LINEAGE is committed to developing the regenerative systems and products that support your quest to engage with life.