So Who is the CBD Buying Audience?

We at LINEAGE have a poet’s soul, but a scientist’s mind. While we want to FEEL more alive at every turn, we always want to use the best nature and science advantages we can find (and share, obviously). The modern CBD products revolution has gone mainstream, we are always wanting to know more about WHY. Why, why, why?

As diverse as the CBD buying crowd has become, the reasons have become just as varied. Clearly “CBD" and its variant cousins have mountains of research to support its properties. What’s interesting is the simple question of WHY are you fore-thinkers gravitating toward these products (like our Daily Balance Tincture and Topical? Yes, that’s a shameless plug.)

Check out this infographic from (we are fans!)

A highlight about the UNWINDING crowd that caught our eye:

"Just as the largest cohort (i.e., pain consumers) skews older, the unwinding consumer skews younger, with a majority (51%) of the group being under age 35. Unwinding consumers use CBD the least frequently of the four groups, with less than a third (31%) doing so at least weekly."

Go check out the whole article here:

Photo by Elmer Cañas on Unsplash


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