About Us

Yes Please, Yes Thank You.

Our goal at Lineage is to help you fall in love with the mission of being alive. To co-create and transform regenerative systems - both in your own lives and on a larger scale.

I am an eternal optimist; I live on idealism (and maybe some naiveté!). I believe in the magic of life. In our ability to see the beauty and feel the love. In always being curious. In the epic greatness of the small moments.

I believe in the renewal, healing, continual improvement, and balance that comes from connecting with ourselves and the nature we are a part of. And I believe that by engaging in life individually, together, we can change our world for the better.

Life can be messy and complex. I know that from experience. And I know that I have lots to learn and that the mess and the struggle is worth it. We are grateful to be part of your journey and will always strive to create a community and products that help you perform better, recover faster, and to be more you.

May you be happy, may you be healthy. And may your world be filled with love and gratitude.


5201 W 86th St. #9
Indianapolis, IN 46268
A Better You Starts With The Basics: Regeneration. Wellness. Renewal. Strength. Healing. Continual Improvement. Balance.
No matter how you define your goals, our Daily Balance products have been formulated to work synergistically with each other and your body. LINEAGE is committed to developing the regenerative systems and products that support your quest to engage with life.