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"The chocolate has a smooth taste. I was anxious to try this product and found that I really liked it. I liked the feeling I got after eating the chocolate and the delta 8. It only took about a half hour for me to start to feel the effects. It gave me a very relaxed feeling without feeling a heavy head where I felt like I had to lay down. It was just an enjoyable feeling is the best I can describe." - Debbie Brewer

"Amazing chocolate! Love the integrity with the ingredients!" - Patrick Shawn

"I love the silky taste of the chocolate! I am very picky when it comes to chocolate so that says a lot. I have found that after several years of restless nights, I can sleep after having a half of one. Wish this had been around earlier. Thanks Shift for my good night's of sleep. Have been telling my friends about this." - Kim Mitchell


5201 W 86th St. #9
Indianapolis, IN 46268
A Better You Starts With The Basics: Regeneration. Wellness. Renewal. Strength. Healing. Continual Improvement. Balance.
No matter how you define your goals, our Daily Balance products have been formulated to work synergistically with each other and your body. LINEAGE is committed to developing the regenerative systems and products that support your quest to engage with life.