#1 On Our Gift Guide: The Gift of Health

Give the gift of health?

How in the world do we do that?  It might be easier to send a rocket into space or predict the next mega cryto currency.  If we could package health up and wrap it neatly, it surely would be at the top of Oprah's famed Christmas favorites list!

While the gift health  may not come with a bow, it's be easier than you think to give.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Give to yourself

It may sound funny that the #1 gift is to yourself.  How are you feeling?  What are you feeling?  Right here.  Right now.  We all get busy doing - and often - we forget, overlook, and deprioritize ourselves.  However, making to connect with yourself comes with great power.  You are choosing to live a life of intention, not obligation.  So draw that bubble bath, take a nap, listen to your favorite song, cut yourself some slack, and give yourself a high five.  You have but this one wild and precious life.  How are you going to live it?  Life isn't about perfection of our inadequacies, it's about embracing the imperfect.  Embrace your passions, your differences, your quirks, what makes you strange and weird, and different.  Share it with the world.  Play, be original, believe you are amazing, awesome, beautiful, whole, energized, and resilient.  You are the gift!

Give Kindness & Encouragement

We all need to be seen, heard, and loved.  We all need that high five.  So why not gift those to others?  Be present where you are.  Invite a friend for a walk or to lunch.  Listen to the stories of parents and grandparents.  Buy the person behind you in line a cup of coffee.  Spend a little extra timing laughing, singing, and playing with your kids. (This time of year we like to do "freeze outs."  Put all your windows down, open the sunroof, and sing loudly some of your favorite songs.  Try it!). Send an unexpected "thinking of you" text or small gift.  Be the connector -- of people back to nature, to others, and to themselves.


Give to the Causes You Are Passionate About

What is it that lights you up?  For us, it's efforts around regeneration.  The idea of healing a system by reconnecting more of it to itself.  Balance and rebalancing.  Continual improvement.  And putting life at the center of every decision.  Regeneration is an invitation to participate and to heal - your body, your community, your Earth.  If regeneration strikes a cord for you, we suggest you check out a few of our favorite local and national non-profits involved in the regenerative mission.  They would welcome your time, talent, and/or donation.

    • Indianapolis-based:

      • Growing Places Indy - empowering people to cultivate individual, family, & community wellness through urban agriculture & access to fresh local food, and mind-body education
      • Flanner House/Flanner Farms - working to empower the local community to become more self-sufficient, providing employment opportunities, and combating food insecurity
      • Friends of Holliday Park - preserving & maintaining Holliday Park as "as place of recreation and the study of nature"
    • National:

      • Farmers Footprint - Coalition of farmers, educators, doctors, scientists, and business leaders aiming to expose the human and environmental impacts of chemical farming and offer a path forward through regenerative agricultural practices
      • Kiss the Ground - awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration and inspire participation in this movement and the extraordinary potential of healthy soil
      • Pachamama Alliance - a global community that offers people to chance to learn, connect, engage, travel, and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all

This giving season, can you let go of the belief of scarcity and instead believe in infinite energy, possibility, and that we are all connected?  Can you believe in yourself and others?  Can you believe in healing and regeneration?  And even more than believing, can you gift health into action?


Life is calling for you to give something.  To bring something.  Not to get something.  What will it be?

We would love to hear your stories of regeneration, healing, and the creation of health.  Please do us the honor of sharing your ideas on Instagram.




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