4 Ways Every Athlete Can Benefit from A Good CBD Cream

If you are an athlete, you’d probably know that pain is part of every workout and competition. One thing all athletes share, whether professionals or amateurs, is the desire to perform well as well as recover and get back on track as soon as possible.  To achieve this goal consistently, some athletes have found that certain nutrition and topical products aid in them achieving these goals.

boost your performance

Top performing athletes rely on both natural nutrition and creams to boost performance

Musculoskeletal conditions and muscle soreness are some of the typical pain that athletes go through after our rigid physical activities. Muscle soreness usually occurs if you do an exercise harder than normal or something you may not be accustomed to.

While there are many things athletes can do to relieve pain and get back to their regimen in a short period, one of the most common treatments is applying topical pain relievers to the affected area.

Painkillers such as opioids and NSAIDs were staples before CBD-infused sports creams showed up in the market as an alternative pain reliever.

Wondering if you should start using these hemp-based products to alleviate pain? Here is some information you may want to know about CBD and CBD products and how they can help you say goodbye to spasms, soreness, and pain.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the more than 100 active ingredients directly derived from the hemp plant. Although CBD is one of the cannabis components, it does not have a psychoactive effect, unlike another derivative, THC, which causes the feeling of “high”.

Benefits of CBD Sports Creams

CBD-infused creams, like our Lineage Daily Balance Cream, are growing in popularity, considering the pain-relieving action these topical products serve. Some of the benefits CBD products can provide to athletes include:

  • Relieve Pain & Pain Management - Pain is a common occurrence among athletes and can range from minor strains to more serious injuries such as ACL tears, and ankle sprains and chronic pain.  Although research on the efficacy of CBD-infused products for pain is still underway, studies on the use of CBD products are showing promising results. A study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine suggests that cannabinoids can help in reducing inflammation and pain.
  • Reduce inflammation - In a study published by the European Journal of Pain, CBD was used on an animal model and showed its efficacy to relieve lower back pain and arthritis. Similar research also showed how CBD has inhibited inflammatory pain, one of the hardest types of pain to treat.
  • Recovery After Workout - Regular workouts help athletes achieve a higher level of performance, increased endurance, ability to perform under pressure, and enhanced cognitive abilities.  However, these exercises can result in pain which requires sufficient time to recover. CBD can do a lot to help athletes with the recovery by inhibiting some molecules that cause inflammation, thereby shortening the time to recover and relieve tension in the tissue at the same time.
  • Alternative to Pain Medications such as Opioids and NSAIDs - Opioids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have long been prescribed as pain medication for athletes, however, these drugs come with negative effects as well.  Opioids can be addictive which may cause overdose and even death. Use of NSAIDs can result in undesired side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and indigestion.

Sports creams that include CBD such Lineage Daily Balance are an excellent alternative to relieve pain of various types and support athletes in reducing their reliance on medications such as NSAIDs and opioids.

However, while CBD is an excellent catalyst for helping with helping stressed tissues recover after exertion, when CBD is incorporated with other ingredients, such as Magnesium, Arnica montana,

Menthol or even ingredients such as Frankincense, it is possible to up the quality and impact of recovery time significantly.

If you use sports nutrition gels or drink powders before, during or after a workout or a race, you have already made the decision to supplement how your body responds to activity in order to improve it.  So taking the next step to add a topical which will increase your ability to perform, the results you achieve and the speed and quality of your recovery is a natural.


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