Sometimes Just Finishing is Winning: A Video Blog about Perseverance

This is a video blog about well...finishing and accomplishing something the author, a Daily Balance customer thought was impossible.  We all experience obstacles and challenges in life.  Some we choose, like this one.  Others we encounter unexpectedly.

Athletes of all shapes, sizes and experience levels encounter pain and barriers.  Places when and where quitting at that moment seems like the best option.  Whether it is the soreness of the next day, an unexpected minor injury or the pain of the event that demands attention, quitting is something we have all thought about.

Regardless of how you encounter the challenge, it is really about what you do with it.  Do you quit or do you rise to the occasion.  At Lineage Lifestyle we recognize our family of athlete customers see the activities they engage in as part of their lifestyle.  We celebrate this as well as their passion and their perseverance.

We created Daily Balance in response to a need we saw in the marketplace.  Namely, a topical solution to work alongside the nutrition and performance equipment athletes use.

On regular occasions, we will share stories from our athletes like this one.  If you have a story to share, follow us on Instagram, tag us in a post or use the hashtag #dailybalancestory.  We'd love to help you celebrate your passion.

Daily Balance is about performance, recovery and improvement.  Daily Balance is also about grit, perseverance and belief.  To succeed in life's game, you have to have balance.


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