Researchers Say Staying Active is Linked to Lower Healthcare Costs Later in Life

Vi:, By Diarmuid Coughlan, PhD, Research Associate in Health Economics, Newcastle University

LINEAGE is obsessed with all factors that lead to a better life. It’s not a selfish pursuit; it should be a communal focus. But WHY are we obsessed with it? If it wasn’t painfully obvious, the better you take of your well-being the better your life will be. Exercising and staying active are good for you (duh) … but what happens when you can turn a feeling into actual money?

This article shared via BlueZones is a great example of how a healthy lifestyle and positive choices impacts so many aspects of your life.

So how much could you save?

"We found that adults who maintained or increased their physical activity from adolescence throughout adulthood had lower average annual healthcare costs than adults who were consistently inactive over time – between US$824 (£567) and US$1,874 (£1,356) per year. This is around 10% to 22% lower than those who were less active or inactive."

Please see the entire article here at:

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