Healthy living is our number one mission

It's all about living the best life you can

Our goal at Lineage Lifestyle is to help you fall in love with the mission of healthy living. We help our clients move from simply sustaining health and wellness to improving it.  Our products are custom formulated to kickstart regeneration and our mission moves extends beyond the health and well-being of one individual. Instead, it lies within the connections that exist between us all and the environment in which we live.

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Investing in yourself today pays long term dividends

Balance is best

We believe in the renewal, healing, continual improvement, and balance that comes from connecting with ourselves and nature.  Engaging in life individually, as well as, together, we can change our world for the better.  We believe this is the definition of healthy living.

Every part of the body contains a unique type of intelligence. A particular form and function that maintains its innate biological equilibrium as well as that of the whole system.  When the equilibrium is disturbed, we get sick or have pain.  To inform us that something is wrong, the body speaks to us through the language of the symptoms, which are its intelligent dialect informing us how to come back to "homeodynamis."  The symptom, is ultimately the vital force trying to get our attention and teach us how to live in balance with our inner constitution and outer environment.

Can a cream help you live better?

Lineage's Daily Balance is used to assist in creating this balance, which in turn helps us with healthy living.  We recognize that balance is a dynamic state, ever changing with the flux and flow of the natural world. Homeodynamis is the process we all use to maintain our self-organization and internal coherence.  Can a cream help you live better?  Sure.  So does sleep.  Drinking water instead of soft drinks.  Avoiding sugar.  Proper running shoes.  Smiling more.  Taking a moment to breathe deeply to quiet your mind.  All of these things work to deliver a healthier life.

Daily Balance is just one tool you have open to you.  Our Performance and Recovery cream will help you perform better and recover faster.  That is a fact.  Almost 98% of our performance athlete customers say it has exceeded their expectations.

Mother Nature knows more about health than we do

Mother Nature provided us with an awesome array of powerhouse natural ingredients.  Our job was to thoughtfully assemble them into a product which amplifies specific physiological activities that improve health, wellness, and mobility.  No one ingredient is a cure-all.  This includes CBD.  CBD is a powerful ingredient when it works as part of a team but often CBD is marketed as a stand-alone cure-all, which it is not.

We are athletes ourselves; former NCAA divers, basketball players, sport fishermen, skiers, snowboarders, yogis, and endurance cyclists.  We looked at our own physical injuries, challenges, and performance goals and asked ourselves what could help make us enjoy what we do more, perform better and recover faster.  We started at the end and worked backwards.

Inflammation is the quiet, subtle enemy to good health

Inflammation (not swelling) is our performance and recovery enemy.  Inflammation is caused by a myriad of things from dehydration to vitamin and mineral deficiencies to response to exertion among others.  Inflammation, like swelling acts as a tissue tourniquet, which reduces blood flow.  Strenuous activity increases body temperature and the body sweats to cool itself.  The challenge here is sweating causes two things, dehydration and mineral loss and losing salt isn’t the issue.  Losing magnesium is.

Daily Balance was designed to reduce inflammation, which increases blood flow, opens capillaries which increases tissue oxygenation.  Daily Balance’s natural ingredients such as magnesium, Arnica montana, and CBD rely on frankincense to act as a natural Fed Ex delivery mechanism to get these ingredients effectively to targeted areas and do what they do best.  Repair, recover, and improve.  This is part of the healthy living journey.

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Inflammation can cause a variety of short and longer term health and performance problems

Recovery before performance, not visa versa

We know that recovery doesn’t come after performance.  It comes before.  Whether you are a weekend warrior, an amateur athlete, a professional athlete or someone who simply wishes to be more active, when you recover optimally, you reduce or eliminate pain and you perform better and lessen the risk of future injury.  That is a proven fact. Daily Balance helps you stay in the virtuous cycle of health and improvement.

Daily Balance mixes all natural and organic plant ingredients in an easy to use topical format to help with aches and pains, stretching and mobility, inflammation, lactic acid build-up, muscle cramps, as so much more.  Daily Balance is helping teenagers with twisted ankles, elite athletes and daily fitness buffs with tendonitis, elderly struggling with arthritis, and travelers and desk workers suffering from stiff and sore muscles caused from inactivity.  Interestingly, inactivity can often have similar effects as over activity by the creation of inflammation.

Because of its unique formulation Daily Balance even helps with sleep performance, sinusitis, skin irritation, and even bee stings!

Listen closest to customers

It's essential to keep not only in the medicine cabinet, but also in a purse, gym bag, and on the bedside table.  In a recent poll of Daily Balance customers, nearly 99% indicated that Daily Balance exceeded their effectiveness expectations.  To better illustrate this, here is a recent quote by a customer:

“I do trigger therapy on athletes ranging from NFL players to Ironman triathletes to high school cross country runners.  I regularly see every type of soft tissue injury and issue you could possibly imagine.  Daily Balance is by far the most effective product I have ever used in helping clients recover effectively.  I use it myself as well.  The results it delivers are without question.” -Lars H., Certified Trigger Therapist 

We know from experience that life can be messy and complex.  And we know that while we all  have lots to learn, that the mess and the struggle is worth it. We are grateful for those that bring Lineage into their journey and will always strive to create a community and products that help you perform better, recover faster, and to be more you.

A blend of powerhouse organic and all-natural ingredients

Lineage Daily Balance Featured Ingredients designed to improve healthy living:

  • Magnesium: helps eliminate muscle cramps, lactic acid build-up, stalled fat loss, aches & pains, poor recovery
  • CBD: pain relief, reduced inflammation, improves recovery, reduces fatigue
    • All Lineage CBD is derived from hemp grown by Lineage.  It is single-sourced, grown with organic method, and tested multiple times for quality and purity.
    • Lineage uses a CBD isolate in our Daily Balance topical.  This provides competitive athletes with the assurance that the cream is THC-free, will have no negative effects on drug tests, and is WADA-approved.
  • Arnica montana: anti-inflammatory compound that relieves muscle & joint pain, reduces aches, speeds healing of bruises, reduces inflammation
  • MSM/DSMO: stimulates healing & reduces risk for exercise-induced muscle damage
  • Boswellia Serrata: anti-inflammatory effects, reduces join pain & soreness, improves mobility, helps maintain cartilage health
  • Frankincense: acts as a delivery mechanism assisting other ingredients become absorbed more efficiently through topical application

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